Souk el Had

An approximate 6000 shops organized in several departments, in a massive walled enclosure with 12 gates of entry, Souk el Had is Agadir’s biggest market, and the third biggest market in North Africa (after Fez and Cairo). Located 20 minutes from Aloha Surf Camp Morocco.

It stocks a vast range of various items for local people and traditionally-produced goods that you may like to try (Fresh fruits and vegetables, spices, clothes, artisanal goods, etc.).

If you want to discover the real essence of Morocco and interact with the local people or buy marvellous little things, Souk el Had is an essential place to visit.

Quad and buggy

Quad and Buggy biking in Taghazout is the most enjoyable way to explore the beauty of the Atlas mountains. Get some fresh air and appreciate the beautiful landscapes while riding its circuits! There are lots of other places to discover such as Banana beach, etc.

Get that adrenaline going!

Jet ski & Flyboard

Feel the adrenaline rush as you speed along the ocean’s turquoise water on a Jet ski or get it pumping with an unforgettable fly boarding experience!
Excited to give it a try?

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Boat tripping on Agadir’s costlines

Take a moment to chill out and enjoy the pleasure of boat rides on the Atlantic high seas with Aloha Surf Camp Morocco. You can either go fishing, or swim if you’re brave enough to jump in the wide ocean, or just relax and savor the grilled lunch that’ll be prepared abroad by the team.. The beauty of Agadir’s bay is a must-see.

Horse / Camel Rides

Have you ever ridden a camel or a horse?
If you feel like trying an adventurous change of scenery, Aloha surf camp morocco offers you the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of a guided horseback/camel ride along the wide open beach of taghazout .
Whether you choose to go on a fresh morning walk, or prefer to ride in the afternoon and take magical photos at sunset, our team would be happy to accompany you.

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Paradise Valley

The local legend of taghazout says that Jimi Hendrix gave paradise valley its name in the 1960s, and it indeed looks like paradise! It’s filled with thousands of palm trees and crystal clear lagoons next to a river with turquoise water, beautiful flowers with river pools, little waterfalls and awesome rock formations…
Whether you choose to walk around the place and enjoy the peace and tranquility or experience a breathtaking cliff jumping experience, Paradise Valley is the place to be!
Yes you read it right! Jumping from the high cliffs above! If you’re thrill seekers, there are cliffs high enough to suit even the most daring of people, our team are very knowledgable of the area and will provide you a safe and fun experience , it’s only 40 minutes from Taghazout!


Massage and Moroccan steam bath

Aloha surf camp Morocco will provide moments of well-being and pure relaxation in a traditional hammam with scrub and soap, and you will discover the benefits of Argan oil massages. These spa services have been especially designed to help you revitalize, unwind, sooth, and de-stress after a day of surfing. You will feel refreshed and your general wellbeing will be restored!